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Jul 2, 2009 2:30am EDT
aerial drones by the u.s. military inside pakistan. more now on a survey from a group called world public opinion. this is about an hour and a half. >> and what it means for pakistan and u.s. policies. my name is stephen weber. i am with the program on international policy attitudes, and we manage world public this is a network of organizations around the world that conduct research on international policy questions, and this study, along with all of our other work can be found on our website,, along with documentation method, frequency of distribution and so forth. we have studies on pakistan and southeast asia that can be found there as well. this morning we will be looking at findings from a national survey of the people of pakistan that was connected in late may, slightly over a month ago. the specific dates were may 17-28. to put this in an american context, this was four months after president obama was inaugurated and about one week before his speech in cairo in which he addressed it is muslim world. clay ramsey on my right will present th
Jul 22, 2009 10:30pm EDT
housea midst u.s. concerns over increasing violence and growing signs of a rift between american and iraqi forces. >>> it is a key link between u.s. war effort in afghanistan and a source tension between russia and america. tonight, we see what the locals think about the u.s. military presence in the central asian nation of kyrgyzstan. >>> millions of nations turn their eyes to the skies. as dawn turned to darkness across that continent, it was the longest solar eclipse. and we have the amazing pictures. >>> plus, britain's take on the u.s. banking crisis. it's a segment that we like to call "how they see it." tonight's report from itn is bound to raise eyebrows. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." >>> made possible, in part, by the following funders -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> president barack obama and iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki sat down face to face today for meetings at the white house squaring off over the drawdown of american troops and concerns over the rising viole
Jul 1, 2009 4:30pm EDT
picture, this really gives rise to different attitudes. asked about the current u.s. drone aircraft attacks in northwestern pakistan, at 82% called unjustified. only 13% disagreed. if the u.s. were to -- 75% says this would not be justified in bombing, although this is not supported when carried out by it pakistan's on government. we asked a question that would remind respondence that the international community, not only the u.s., originated the military presence in afghanistan. the un had authorized a mission. this mission is meant to stabilize afghanistan and help the government defend itself from the taliban. do you approve or disapprove of this mission? 72% disapprove of the nato mission. only 17% approve. do you think the mission should be continued or ended now? 79% said it should be ended now. 13% that it should continue. the recent decision by the obama administration to send 17,000 more troops to afghanistan as widely projected in pakistan. 86% said they disapproved. there are few signs of the washoe over. -- be washed over. to the degree that the war in afghanistan is bro
Jul 28, 2009 10:30pm EDT
the u.s. to blast the castro government has gone dark. is that signal better relations ahead and more opportunities for american businesses? >>> plus, blinded by the light. planes taking off and landing at london's heathrow airport are increasingly being targeted by lasers and pilots warn the consuences could be deadly. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible, in part, by the following funders -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> they say they want to impose a taliban-like regime that regains western education and they've been attacking police stations in recent days sparking clashes. that by some reports have left at least 100 people dead. it may sound like afghanistan, but this wave of violence is actually going on in nigeria, an important oil-producing nation in africa that, for years, has been dealing with a deadly insurgency in the largely muslim north of the country. in tonight's "lead focus," we're going to take a closer look at this newest wave of violence from the latest f
Jul 29, 2009 6:00am EDT
years. he said back in a time while studying and the u.s. after studying geology, i wanted to write a thesis. i got everything ready, but for inspiration or in lightning. now everyone is struggling to the united states by airplane, but if i took an airplane then maybe i would not have been able to write this thesis at a time when traveled to the united states by boat, and it took more than one month to travel to the united states by a ship. those who do not have the experience of traveling by boat, you might think it's going to be a great experience, but for all this it was quite boring. and every day i was sitting on the deck -- i was sitting on the deck thinking about my visas except for the time for my sleep. i was thinking about knowledge i have acquired, and my ideas on the composite structure of the shell of the earth. every day i was watching the way of this and the tides in the ocean. and all of a sudden it came upon me that why the waves were not moving directly up and down and on till the waves were moving in curves, and based on my knowledge on dynamics and related theory
Jul 27, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. >>> expanding israeli settlementings in west bank. they have been a source of tension between the u.s. and israel. tonight, we take you on one of the largest where leaders say they would be happy to lead. >>> china and the u.s. begin two days of critical talks on issues ranging from the world economy, climate change and nuclear proliferation. president obama says the outcome will shape the 21st century. >>> and from australia, the latest baby pictures of a newborn that's packing on the pounds and pulling in the crowd. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible, in part, by the followingunders -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. as we told you friday, this is a critical week for u.s. israeli relations. no fewer than four prominent american officials are in israel to discuss iran's nuclear threat and to try to resolve differences between the two close allies. about israeli settlements on the west bank. we're going to have extensive congboth of these stories tonight. >>> we begin with new t
Jul 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
funded? >> the u.s. government. >> i do not know. some of it is government raised. >> it is not public funding. >> i want to say from me. from my tax dollars. >> how is c-span funded? 30 years ago, cable companies created c-span as a public service. no government mandate, no public money. >> president obama and president medvedev signed a preliminary agreement to reduce nuclear stockpiles in the u.s. and russia. other topics were at the war in afghanistan and missile defense. >> the ceremony of signing a joint documents is about to start. >> the chief of the joint staff of the armed forces of russia and on the u.s. side -- the chairman of the joint staff of the united states army, and that is the admiral will sign the frame work documented on the cooperation between the armed services. of the united states of america and the adoption of working plans on cooperation between the armed forces of the russian federation. [applause] >> the minister of foreign affairs of the russian federation, a senior deputy secretary of the united states, william burns are signing an agreement between the
Jul 2, 2009 4:00pm EDT
risk-management, required for u.s. insurers but glaringly lacking in other sectors. information sharing and confidentiality protocols can be established in coordination among regulators formalize. under no circumstance though should a buyable insurance subsidiary be sacrificed for the benefit of another entity within a corporate family. internationally, the development of accounting standards of the international accounting standards board's weeds the u.s. and others within the next several years to adopt accounting standards based on international financial reporting standards. we of undertaken a solvency modernization initiative that will evaluate lessons learned nationally and internationally and examine areas appropriate for refinement. we work internationally with the g-20, the joined forum, the financial stability form, the international association of insurance supervisors and the oecd and others. .. >> and analyzing and coordinating action involving major insurers for internationally with supervisors and other countries we monitor berkshire combat aig, ing, ambience amon
Jul 22, 2009 5:30pm EDT
the dead." >>> tonight onworldfocus" -- >> president obama welcomes iraq's prime minister to the u.s. admist concerns overeasing vionce and ri between ameran and iraqi forces. > stay key link in the u.s. war effort in afanistan and a source tension between russia and america. tonit, we see whatthe cals think abouthe u.s. military prence in the central nan iotof tion of rzic ta >>> llions tis turn their eyes to the skies. as dawn turned to darkness across that continent itas the loest solar eclipse. >>> plus, brita's take on the u.s. banking cris. a sgment that we like to ll "how they see it." tonight's report from itn is bou to raise eyebrows. >>> frothe world's leading reporters and analysts,ere is what's haening from around the world. this is "worldfocus. >>> made ssible, in part, by theollowing funders -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> prident barack obama and iraqi prime minier nuri al mali sat down face to face today for meetings at the white house squaring offver the drawdown of amican troops and concer over the rising violence in iraq. today, not far fom baghdad, tw
Jul 1, 2009 10:30am EDT
u.s. is ready to change the way the world is changing a dramatically, have because we are not used to feeling ourselves as an object of change. we are not yet ready to except that we can preheat the initiators of change, but we want to go in line with a -- we are not ready to accept that we are the initiators of change. i would like to voice my admiration for president obama for his voice in america possibility to change in itself. you have your own problems. -- admiration for president obama for his voice in america's change in itself. thank you. >> just one follow a quick question. do you think this visit is going to influence the internal policies in russia? for example, in such areas as freedom of the press, the rule of law, and maybe russian position on the iranian issue. we have seen the horrible crackdown in tehran against the democracy movement. russia not only was mum, it did not denounce that, russia was the host to the organization summit and provided a platform for mahmoud ahmadinejad after the suppression of the elections to speak. what are your realistic -- i understa
Jul 31, 2009 5:00pm EDT
savidge. >>> for u.s. troops and iraqi civilians, this has been one of the least, that's right, least deadly months since the war in iraq began six years ago. in fact, a senior u.s. military officer has broken ranks with its prrs and president obama saying it's time for the,000 declare victory in iraq and go home. but then there are days like today, when a series of bombs exploded near five shiite mosques in baghdad, killing at least 29 people. and shattering the perception at least for now that iraq is a much safer place than used to be. in tonight's "lead focus" the latest violence in iraq, what it says about security and the american mission as it winds down. >> the deadliest of today's attacks took place in the northern baghdad neighborhood of al shaab. according to iraqi officials at least 24 people were killed and 17 wounded in the explosion of a car bomb near a shiite mosque. worshipers had gathered at the mosque for friday prayers. the scene outside spoke to the carnage. prayer rugs were stained with blood, scores of shoes littered the ground. with all today's attacks h
Jul 28, 2009 5:30pm EDT
of a leg worth? >>> a sign of the times, in cuba an electronic signnce used by the u.s. to blast t caso governmenthas gone dark. that signal better relations ahead and mo opportunities r american businesses? >>plus, blinded by the light planes takin off and lanng at london's heathrow airportare increasingly bei targeted by lass and pilots warn the consequences could be dealow. >>> from the world's leadin reporters and anysts, here is wh's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." ma possible, in part, by the following funders >>> gooevening, i'm martin savidge. >>> they say th want to impose a taliban-like regime that regains wester education and they've bee attacking plice stations recent days sparking clashes. by some reports haveeft at least 100 people dead. but this wave violence is going on in nigeriaand impoant oil-produci nation in africa. for years has bn dealing with the deadly insurgency. in night's "lead focus" we're going to take a closer look this nest wave of vial frid latest from t scene and with pert analysis. we're going to beg with this reportrom rosi
Jul 5, 2009 11:00am EDT
vacate operations, but officials changed their tune and u.s. forces can stay there. can you tell us what happened to change their mind? >> that's correct, the agreement has been negotiated and this is very important for the support of u.s. forces, coalition forces in afghanistan, logistics, the ability to move troops in and out, so this is a good thing for the united states and for our coalition partners as we continue to stabilize afghanistan and help them move forward in their democratic process. >> and the agreement is limited to support. is that correct? it's only going to be support functions that go through that base now? >> yes. >> let's move to how foreign military sales in particular help the air force. why is it in the air force's interest to help foster these kinds of deals, and as wellr there any dangers with potentially putting technology in the hands of those who could some day be potential adversaries? >> great question. what it's really about is relationship, partnerships, and building partnership capacity. the clear pleas son, in my view of 9/11, as great as our air
Jul 12, 2009 11:00am EDT
russia speed global disarmment efforts. and next in the u.s. offensive in afghanistan. but first africa is the new focus of the u.s. military. the bush administration launched the africa command last year to foster closer cooperation and stability across the continent, switching from a traditionally rereactive approach to african crisis to a policy of engagement. but it's headquartered in germany, rather than africa, and it's a command structure with few operational units. instead it will draw people and equipment as needs arise. air power will be vital on the huge african continent and general ron ladnier is overseaing it. general, welcome to the show. i want to start out by asking how africacom is structured, and really given central function of the command is diplomatic more than military. >> i am surprised there hasn't been a lot more discussion about exactly that. u.s. africa command represents almost a departure from what we've seen with other regional commands. and what i mean is, government agencies have represents at u.s. africa command, but they're not just liaison offi
FOX News
Jul 6, 2009 6:00pm EDT
behind the violence? we will explain. it has been the deadliest day for u.s. troops in afghanistan in almost a year. we will have the latest from the pentagon, and soon to be former governor, sarah palin responds to media coverage of her surprise announcement that she is stepping down. all that, plus our all-star panel, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama says he and his russian counterpart are complited to putting the suspicion and rivalry of the past in the past, for good. the two leaders met in moscow, rolling out a series of agreements on issues large and larger. even though serious disagreements still exist, senior white house correspondent major garrett reports the emphasis today was on the positive. >> the first family arrived in moscow to minimum pageantry, a signal this summit is all business. one sayer moan qual stop at russia's tomb of the unknown preceded a lengthy one on one between president obama and dimitry medvedev. a meeting with the advisors dealt with mid level agreements. it is the first ever russian green light to u.s. mi
Jul 8, 2009 12:00am EDT
that goes beyond competition. >> reporter: in his speech, president obama said that the u.s. and russia have several areas of mutual interests. such as stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and combatting militants in central asia. >> we want to work with international partners including russia, to help afghans and pakistanis advance their own security and prosperity. neither america nor russia has an interest in an afghanistan or pakistan governed by the taliban. >> reporter: michael fletcher of the "washington post" is traveling with the president. >> reporter: both the u.s. and russia have been victimized by terrorism and they see it, kind of that border area between pakistan and afghanistan, as this kind of terrorist haven. and so they see some common ground there and there's some talk about expanded trade opportunities and also there's talk about energy and even health care. >> before his speech, president obama met the russian prime minister, vladimir putin, in the day's most closely watched event. >>> before departing for russia the president had said that he had, quote,
Jul 3, 2009 5:30pm EDT
pistan. in afghanistan this was t second bigges dayf the u.s. military operation in that countryince the american-led vasion in late 2001. 4,000 marines pusheddeep into heand province, in their campaign to remusttalibaand win overthe pele. but many people there, as you're about to see, have already had enough of weste attempts, specifically british attempts rid theegion of the taban. speakf so many civilians have sufferedhe deadly consequences the war. in tonight's "lead focus" we bein with nick paon walsh from itn on t experience from heand provinc and wll warn you some of the imas are graphic. >> reporter: t fury of a mob in british-controlled helmand. death the west, but goverent, they cry. this, by nato'swn admission, is why they're far from winning in afghanistan. these men are parent d airstriker'just hit. it was mnt for the taliban t struck a polated area. civilians. this is the gruome aftermath, fathers left with the remains of eir children. >> translator: they've completely destroyeus by bombing and flattened our houses. ither say this is taliban, b look, at least re childre
Jul 3, 2009 10:30pm EDT
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> u.s. marines pushed deeper into southern afghanistan on day two of the biggest defensive of the war. tonight, we'll look at the british experience there. why they've had so little success. winning support from the people. >>> same fight, different country, a rare look at the pakistani military's battle against the taliban in the swat valley. >>> and we conclude our "signature technology changing the globe. tonight, we hit the road in the middle east where when it comes to the limitations of the electric car, the israelis may have a better idea. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible, in part, by the following funders -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. were going to begin tonight and dedevote the first part of this program to two fronts in the war against the taliban militants in afghanistan and pakistan. in afghanistan this was the second biggest day of the u.s. military operation in that country since the american-led invasion in late 2001. 4,00
FOX News
Jul 26, 2009 10:00am EDT
possible ties tots murder of a u.s. border patrol agent in california. the officers seized four guns, mexican police believe the men are part of an immigrant smuggling ring and border pa -- the border patrol agent was shot last week near san diego and the fbi is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of his killer or killers and we'll have more on this, coming up. >> eric: in afghanistan the u.s. military considering hiring private security contractors there. the contractors would help protect bases from convoys and convoys from attacks, and would do that with around-the-clock, private security and defense secretary robert gates says the use of private security contractors in some parts of afghanistan in his view would be vital supporting those bases. >> jamie: thousands of demonstrators take to the streets of new york, and cities around the world, in manhattan, demonstrators were marching from times square to the united nations, protesting human rights abuse in iran. many of them -- them the marchers of iranian descent, dressed in green and black, the oppo
Jul 13, 2009 4:00am EDT
aso wants an election in august. >> the showdown between the u.s. and ubs is delayed, rising expectation a settlement. >> i'm bertha coombs. a big week ahead in the u.s. can a ton of data and earnings, capturing earners attention. such as goldman sachs and jpmorgan reporting results. >>> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." we'll kick you off with the global picture at the start of the week. the ftse global 300 is down 13 points. christine will detail more on that. in europe, we've bounced off earlier losses. the ftse 100 was down 14 points, nudged up into positive territory. a little bit of strength today. not only from the likes of vw, but the battle for porsche. you've got chemicals and technology up further. still weaker in financial banks as well. still very much in the ranges. you can see the yen made some gains. you' euro-dollar still in that 1.39 range. we've got a lot of data through the week. corporate earnings starting out as bertha was saying. it's nice to have bertha and great to see you, christine, as always. >> let me go on with the asian markets.
Jul 1, 2009 10:00am EDT
relationship between the u.s. and russia is one of the most important in defining u.s. foreign policy. we hear at heritage are deeply interested and somewhat concerned about the way the news administration looks like it wants to take that relationship. we have a lot of questions and we are hoping that are two panels today will have some of the answers. we have an outstanding line up both here from washington and from moscow. the topics under discussion in the presidential summit will they are is control, possibly a new strategic reduction treaty. -- they will be arms control. there will be discussions about the russian demand for a new global security architecture, specifically in moscow wants to halt nato enlargement and prevent ukraine and georgia from joining that institution. i am sure there will also be reflections on russia's standing in the global financial crisis which has hit harder over there. and from the american side, the and ministration hinted it would like to see a grand bargain -- the administration hinted it would like to see a grand bargain in the u. s-russian relationship.
Jul 27, 2009 7:00pm EDT
crisis inquiry commission, former u.s. senator bob graham. >> suzanne: then, verizon dials up weak results. the telecom giant posts a big drop in profits. and ramps up layoffs, now cutting 8,000 jobs this year. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> suzanne: and i'm suzanne pratt. susie gharib is off tonight. this is "nightly business report" for monday, july 27th. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> suzanne: good evening everyone. cooperation, not confrontation. that's how president obama sees the future of u.s., china relations. the president spoke as the two countries began two days of talks on economic and security issues. both nations are upbeat about global growth, pointing to signs the world is moving toward recovery. as darren gersh reports, the question is how to keep the world's largest economies headed in the same direction. >> reporter: it was chinese state councilor dai binguo who summed up the self-interest that brings the u.s. and china together in massive meetin
Jul 2, 2009 2:00am EDT
administration is trying to improve u.s.-russia relations from their worst condition since the end of the cold war. the cold war, that is something i know something about. it prompts me to ask what lessons for the management of u.s.-russian relations can we draw from the cold war experience? although the situation is different, and russia is not the soviet union. there are some applicable lessons, and i want to speak to three of them one of them is, as was the case in the cold war, u.s. policy-making for russia should be informed by the deepest possible understanding of russia as a system, as a country, as a state, as a culture. during the cold war we devoted enormous resources to understanding the soviet union comprehensively, not just militarily. and that investment paid off. it was a substantial contributor to our successful management of cold war relations. a deep understanding of russia is a requirement for the conduct of a sensible policy today. despite the transparency, despite the much more open condition of russia as a country and a stake in the soviet union ever was, i wo
Jul 8, 2009 4:00am EDT
. >> and i'm scott wapner in the u.s. alcoa leads the blue chips out of the starting gate kick off earnings season when it reports later today. >>> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." the earnings season kicks off later in the u.s. the g-8 is under way, as well, in italy. plenty of data coming out, as well, all over the globe. we'll get to all of it during the course of today's show. the ftse cnbc global 00, currently down 25 points. we saw wall street hitting a ten-week low. at the close yesterday, the talk of a new stimulus plan. right now here in europe, an hour into the trading day, not quite as bad as the fall christine was talking about yesterday. down .7% for the cac who at the moment. insurance, financial goods and services are the weakest sectors on the urgent on the currency markets, the yen has hit its highest level against the euro and the dollar. dollar/yen, 94.20. euro/dollar, .3885. sterling/dollar, 1.6078 and the euro is firmer against the pound, as you can see. we continue pulling the risk appetite and the dollar and the yen continue to benefit, chris
Jul 8, 2009 5:00am EDT
here in the u.s..and the chances of a global's all ahead on this edition of first business. last time we saw the stock market these lows ahead of wednesday's opening action, it was a couple weeks before memorial day that march tomay rally. but the june swoon has really picked up speed here. beejal and we're seeing a bit of a sell-off here in july. yes the s&p 500 back into negative territory, down 2 1/2% for the year. so now the focus is on second quarter earnings season. alcoa, chevron, pepsi bottling co. all reporting earnings this week and of course experts are saying the focus is going to be on how these companies foresee the rest of the year. and not only these companies were going to be hearing from in the days ahead but those key financial companies that were able to spark the rally back in march. is there any reason for optimism that we saw in the first and second quarters to continue to wash over in the second half of the year. california faces several more credit down grades... as every day passes... and it does not have a fiscal 2010 budget in place. thi
Jul 2, 2009 2:30am EDT
are seeking. that is an open question. will the treaty be enforceable? that is up to the u.s. as to if it will probably enforce this tree. i find it questionable -- if it will probably enforce this treaty. i find is questionable if the obama is administration is doing anything. i am not sure that the russians are at all in compliance with those only politically and not legally binding agreements. so the final one is william negotiate treaties on the basis that to anything that violates -- that violates your obligation to your allies. it seems to me that the obama administration is coming close to the line of throwing two important nato allies over board in order to achieve this so- called reset with the u.s.- russian relations. what is it that i think the of ministration should be focused on? fundamentally, we need to move in a direction of what we call a protect and defend it strategy. we talk about that in a background about establishing an arms control policy that is a tool in achieving this new approach that will be defensive. but what we need to do is the following. we need to
Jul 9, 2009 11:35pm EDT
boasts thousands of members in the u.s. alone. people who like him are looking to extend their lives for decades to 100, 120, 140 years if possible. he blogs and tweets about it under the name the calorist. organic, great for apples and best cr fruit -- wild blueberries. what's the goal for you? >> certainly the longevity is nice, don't get me wrong. but you feel so much better. you enjoy much better health. >> to do that, they cut their calorie intake by 30% or more, loading up on fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains with perhaps a bit of lean meat and they prefer the fruits and veggies raw. lunch for joe most days is at the salad bar, three pounds of raw veggies. >> there's no small amount of food here. >> so you're piling it right on. >> we'll start at four miles an hour. >> like the monkeys joe is being studied by gerontologist fontana at the washington university school of medicine in st. louis. >> not eating hamburger, french fries and half a can of one of the sugary beverages but he's eating a healthy diet where you get rid of the empty calories and you eat lots of dense foo
Jul 27, 2009 6:30pm EDT
the u.s. debt to gather in washington for talks. the relationship they say could shape the 21st century -- china and the u.s. get together. welcome to "bbc world news", on pbs in america and elsewhere around the world. it is now nearly 1 months since u.s. forces in iraq officially came to an end -- it is now nearly one month since then. it has got a distribution deal. you will hear from a young filmmaker behind a new movie. jacob zuma tapped into the mood and took over as president. just a few months in and despite his election promises, he is facing a challenge from constituents. thousands of workers went on strike today, crippling public services. police clashed with some workers who brought city centers to a halt. the protesters are enduring the biggest economic downturn there since apartheid and say they have run out of patience. we have this report from johannesburg. they walked across nelson mandela bridge, bringing the city center to a standstill. bus drivers, municipal employees, and others have stopped work. they want a wage increase. >> i cannot pay my rent. my taxes.
Jul 28, 2009 4:00am EDT
couples in the u.s., the central bank may have to hike rates sooner rather than later to keep inflation in check. >>> hello, welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." we had a pause today in asia, but in parts of europe the rally continues. the ftse global 300 is up. the ftse 100 is up for a 12th session in a row, up 0.4%. if it stays at that and closes at that level or anywhere in the green today, it will set a new record for the number of gains that -- days that it made gains consecutively. the xetra dax is up 0.8%, up two-thirds force the cac. on the currency market, the dollar held at an eight-year low. the australian dollar has gone to highest level this year. dollar-yen, around the 95 mark. euro-dollar, 1.43. sterling as well against the gre greenback. >> in asia markets took a breather after the rally we saw in the last couple of sessions. in japan the markets snapping a nine-day rising streak. a lot of caution ahead of the national elections this weekend which show the ruling ldp could lose position. the kospi continued its 11th consecutive week of gains. the shanghai, u
Jul 11, 2009 6:30pm EDT
>> this week on "the communicators," a discussion on how protected u.s. computer systems are against u.s. cyber attacks. our guest is james lewis of the center for strategic and international studies. >> james lewis has been studying the issue of how to protect the internet and making recommendations. he has briefed intelligence agencies on how to provide cyber security, and he is our guest this week on "the communicators." also with us thissiobhan. >> if you could explain to us what happened this past week. >> this week was not a big deal really in many ways. this is a fairly basic attack. someone in fax thousands of computers, turns them into a zombie network, and then has them launch packets at targets. when the target computer gets hit with these thousands of packets, is overwhelmed, and crashes. there are easy fixes to this, and what was interesting to me is that most agencies knew had to fend off this kind of attack, but a few of them did it. that is what is worrisome. this was a no-brainer. >> is it fair to say that this was a spam attack? >> it was like spam, but diff
Jul 27, 2009 7:00am EDT
hour, u.s. troops -- are they still patrolling iraq's cities in the months after they pulled out? and it is all building up. athletes get a sneak preview of london's olympic venue for 2012. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, half past 3:00 in the afternoon of the afghan capital, kabul. if future strategy for the insurgency in afghanistan. barack obama has about afghanistan as a major priority for his administration, and he has committed additional troops to combat taliban militia. today, mr. miller band is focusing on dialogue. he ascended -- mr. -- mr. miliband. >> british troops in afghanistan have had their deadliest month so far. 20 soldiers killed in the past four weeks. of the nato -- other nato countries have seen their casualties rise as well, so the question now is how the campaign against the taliban can be won. britain's foreign secretary, visiting nato headquarters this morning, came with a clear message -- military force alone will not be enough. there also needs to be political reconciliation and reintegration. >> that means in the long term an inclusive political settl
Jul 10, 2009 4:00am EDT
wouldn't, but they did. the g-8 debates the currency question. >>> and i'm scott wapner in the u.s. after 40 days .40 nights, the new general motors will emerge as a leaner company, but under the government's thumb. >>> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." we'll kick off with where we are in the global equities session right now. the ftse cnbc global 300 is down 11 points. that's a little better than we are in some of the markets in europe right now. we had some slim gains yesterday, but those are being erased at the moment. construction insurance, also oil and gas, health care are all weaker. oil prices are nudging down again today. that's where the weakness is coming through and because the stock market is down slightly. we have the yen that inched up a little bit, hovering below the week's peaks. investors are still as the bulk of the u.s. earnings season will be getting under way. a look at the currency markets? dollar/yen, 92.71. euro/dollar is on the low 1.39. sterling/dollar, 1.6272. euro/sterling, on the day low, .8544. sterling got a big boost yesterday when t
Jul 12, 2009 1:00pm EDT
weekend in afghanistan, two separate bomb blasts have killed four u.s. marines and a soldier wounded in afghanistan last month has died here in the u.s. that brings the death toll in afghanistan to 649 since october 2001. 106 u.s. troops have been killed there this year alone. the u.s. has ramped up the forces in the country to oust the resurging taliban. >>> held in iraq since 2007 are now back in iran. at least that's what iran's government-backed press tv is reporting. three of the men claim they were diplomats, the u.s. detained the men in northern iraq on january 11th, 2007. they were believed to be part of a group that possibly provides insurgent training. it's not clear who the other two freed men are. >>> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says the obama administration is not ruling out any options when it comes to a health care bill. appearing on cnn, sebelius told wolf blitzer lawmakers have good ideas about a bill. both sides realize the importance of health care reform. >> i think the bottom line is it's got to be paid for. and we all have a shared respons
Jul 9, 2009 6:00pm EDT
live, u.s. marshals blanket the area. if somebody was dangerous and wanted, odds are these guys showed up at their door. it >> i believe it could be called the largest u.s. law enforcement operation in our history. >> u.s. marshals deputize at local law enforcement to go after the worst of the worst and got plenty. in our area, 446 felony suspects, like this man accused of shooting two people at this bus terminal. chris ray for allegedly opening fire on a security guard and five guests at a maryland nightclub, and this man for murder and two carjackings. >> it is a necessity. >> this man remembers the fear the crimes created. >> i did not want even though during the daytime. >> the nationwide sweep is well appreciated. >> the local mall is almost a place where many people want to avoid. >> sex offenders were picked up, pot growing operations shut down. marshals say there was a recurring theme. >> those arrested in the operation had a combined criminal history of more than 138,000 prior arrests. >> there is a time when this to the roundups. the police believe the recession contin
Jul 21, 2009 5:00pm EDT
evening. i'm martin savidge. it's been the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war there started nearly eight years ago. and today in the eastern part of that country in the city of gardez, taliban militantss, some firing rockets and assault rifles and suicide bombers launched a highly orchestrated late-morning attack. a shootout followed between afghan security forces and the militants. and by the time it was all over, 14 people were dead. authorities there say at least two bombers dressed in women's burqas were involved in the attack in the city's police station. the governor's compound and the intelligence department before being repelled. >> translator: none of our soldiers opened fire on him from here and hey opened fire on him from the second floor and then i jumped up on the roof and fired on him from there. then i came down and i saw his body. >> chris sanz of the national newspaper is based in the afghan capital city of kabul. >> well i think the significance of today's attack is it shows the taliban to know to get stronger in afghanistan. the more amer
Jul 11, 2009 6:30pm EDT
boosted new car sales by 40%. but here in the u.s., a similar cash for klunkers program is more complicated. dealers like jim in new jersey say it may not be as effective as germany's in driving up sales. >> the restrictions are much more severe than i thought they would be. >> reporter: germany spent $5 billion to buy back cars. a klunker as defined as a car nine years old turn one in for scrap and you receive an equivalent of $3300 towards a new car. the u.s. allocated $1 billion for its program. the car allowance rebate system or kars. buyers who qualify receives 3500 to 4500 towards a new car. but the qualification for klunker isn't easy. it's based on an epa gas mileage rating of 18 miles per gallon or less when the vehicle was new. so this 1989 buick regal, a 20 year old car does not qualify as a klunker because it was sold with an epa rating of 21 miles per gallon. but this 2000 forward winstar only nine years old does qualify because its original gas mileage rating was only 17 miles per gallon. >> i think more than 50 % of the people will not qualify. >> it has to be reg
Jul 1, 2009 4:00pm EDT
with muslim countries and organizations. this is something the u.s. likes. >> i would not deny they are an important country. we have seen the priority of the president and the secretary is in the interest of a very old and very diverse -- we talked about the word diversity. how important is it to understand the diversity of its long? the problems in north africa or not the same things that are happening to moslem communities in tunisia. we are using indonesia as a super model, and it is important, but we have to understand the breadth and the new ones. yes, sir. >> south asia it has one of the largest populations of muslims in the world. how do you plan to engage the muslims in that part of the world? >> if we do our job right, of course it is. it is not just a country. i cannot hit the word new ones enough. -- nuance enough. you do not just take a one-stop shop and say you'll do it everywhere. this is really taking time to listening to what is going on in the world. you see what the differences are. even within generations and ethnicities, so you build a dialogue in different ways
Jul 31, 2009 5:30pm EDT
follow funders -- > good eving, i'm martin savidge. >>> for u.s. troopsnd ira civians, this has been onef the least,that's right, lst deadly months since the war in iraq began sixears ago. in fa, a senio u.s.ilitary office has broken rks with s prrs and president obama sayin it's time f the,000 declarvictory in iq and go home. but then there e days li today,hen a seri of bombs exploded near five siite mosques in badad, killing at ast 29 peple. and shatterng the rception at lest for now that ira is a ch safer place tan ued to be. in tonight's ead focus" the latest violencin iraq,hat it says about surity and the american missi as i wis down. >> the deadliest today's atacks took place in the northern baghdad neighborhood of al shaab. according to iri officials a east 24 people were killed d 17 wounded in e explosion ofa caromb near a shiite mosque. worshirs had gather at t mosqueor friy prayer the scene outside spoke to the carnage. prayer rugs were stained with bloodscores of shoes littered the ground. with all today's attacks having takeplace at shiite mosques, those atcks are seen as
Jul 27, 2009 4:00am EDT
year. >> i'm bertha coombs. in the u.s., investors turn their attention to economic data, including the second quarter gdp. >>> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." let's start off by looking at the markets. the ftse global 300 index continuing to power ahead. now trading at best levels of the session, up 5.3%. the proof is in the pudding. let's look at the european individual bosses. we've got gains across the board. last time i looked the ftse was a lager. the german market up 0.9%. and the foreign exchange markets look like this. we have the dollar-yen trading up 0.2 of 1%. let's get out to christine. good morning to you. >> steve, good to see you. in asia, corporate earnings providing upward momentum. take a look at some of the boards in asia. in japan, the nikkei is up 1.5%. the kospi up 1.4%. the shang hang market up as well. sichuan expressway lifting things as a whole. property sectors are gaining. the bombay index buck the overall trend, down 0.3%. oil is following equity markets higher. the last time we checked it is 75 cents higher. brent is tacking on gains
Jul 29, 2009 4:00am EDT
>>> and i'm bertha coombs. in the u.s., investors appear to be catching their breath before another round of earnings and key economic data today, futures ending lower. >>> global equities, while edging up at the moment, the ftse cnbc global 300 just down three points bouncing off the low. that's because an hour into the tray in europe, we have positive across the board. we didn't make it a new record of 12 consecutive days yesterday. we dipped down before the end of the session. but it's all about earnings. chemicals are heading higher. banks, utilities and insurance all are fairly firm at the moment, deutsche bank with numbers out of time ler a little later. on the currency markets, the dollar had a respite during the asian session from sort of being sold off, and that's sort of where we stand at the moment. euro/dollar, 1..4160 at the moment. sterling/dollar, we were over 1765 and we're bloef 1 of 64 at the moment. dollar/yen around that 94 mark, christine. >> here in asia, people are waiting for more corporate earnings before they jump back into the market. china, this particula
Jul 3, 2009 9:00am EDT
details for you on that. plus, there might be a potential custody fight coming up. >>> also, u.s. marines push forward on a new offensive against afghan militants. also the latest on a captured soldier there. >>> also, dad just had an affair. let's go on a family vacation. what kind of fireworks do you expect on that fourth of july celebration for the sanfords? it's friday, july the 3rd. hello to you all, i'm t.j. holmes sitting in today for heidi collins and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> all right. and where are we going to start today? we have two major fronts that u.s. forces are taking on. the taliban in afghanistan, as well as in pakistan. our barbara starr at the pentagon for us. she's going to be telling us what's happening with the troops in afghanistan. and our nic robertson keeping an eye on things in pakistan where the u.s. forces have launched a drone that has done pretty well with some deadly precision, i should say in attacking the taliban. but we want to start with the ongoing offensive in afghanistan. thousands of u.s. troops, mostly marines swarming into the helmand
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